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1. Thou Shalt NOT


online shopping during conference calls…NO MATTER how boring they are! i see you, stop!

Let’s Get Social


i joined insta! i have 6 followers and i’m pretty sure they are all bots. follow meeee! @topnotchbank

Reality Check: Twentysomething


this buzzfeed article pretty much sums up what it’s like to be a twentysomething…especially point 1, make it rain…in bills!

Transformation Tuesday

Debt Diet.jpg

it’s Fat Tuesday…splurge a little.

(i have an excuse to spend money…on anything and everything, sigh)

courtesy of betches

Rain Check


how are we holding up? is everyone surviving the holiday season? thus far my grand total spent for gifts is $400ish…not including the “treat yo self” gifts i bought myself. oops.

Need vs. Want


gird your loins, black friday is less than 5 days away. the day universally known as the kickoff to the holiday shopping season. while many (humble individuals) spend the day shopping for loved ones, i tend to take this day to self evaluate my wardrobe. selfish? not really, i have trouble thinking of thoughtful gifts in crowds…so i leave all my family/friends shopping for cyber monday. (pro tip)

in years past (i.e.: before i vowed to be debt free by my thirties) this would mean how can i get my hands on that gucci purse i’ve been eyeing for the past 7 months. but this year i’m starting to get my priorities straight (yay!!) and realizing the difference between need and want.

below are things i’ve realized are a necessity and things that i’ve realized are just wants:

WANT: sequin anything, snakeskin booties, chrome pants, the whole fall 2015 anthro catalog, over 3 winter coats** especially if you live in miami (cough, cough), boots of any sort (miami), designer handbag(s) (you’re broke)

NEED: black flats, beige pumps, black pumps, white top, black cardigan, black skirt, navy pencil skirt, 2-3 more basic tops, black blazer, 2-3 dresses, blue jeans, white tank

YES the need list is basic, NO it won’t be easy rejecting that 75% off Alice + Olivia sequin floral jacket that has an extra 25% off at checkout but is still weirdly 200 dollars but HEY it’s Black Friday and you deserve this jacket even though you live in a climate that rarely sees anything under 60 degrees (THIS MIGHT BE A PERSONAL STORY!!). the reality is that in the long-term you will feel more guilty purchasing the item than the high of getting ‘such a good deal.’…which we all know is very short-lived.

Remember, you are in DEBT…you don’t have time for trends (YET!) so own the “classic” look and make it WORK.

PLUS girls like us don’t follow trends…we set them.