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Someone Gets Me


this article from Thought Catalog: 15 Struggles Only People Who Suck At Budgeting Understand speaks to my soul! seriously, finally….someone gets me! also, love the life motto: “do this now. eat popcorn for dinner later.” brilliant. kudos to Ari Eastman for writing this piece. It’s always nice to see that you are not the only one pretending to be fake rich and picking up friends drinks/brunch tabs. the struggle is real.

The Intro


True life: I’m a spendaholic.

Money comes in, money goes out. constantly…

A never ending cycle of:

“Where did my cash go”

“I want it, but I can’t afford it”

“How do you even have the money to travel?”

“Just charge it!”


WELL not anymore.

Time for this fashion girl to get serious about her finances.

I invite you to join me in my journey to become money savvy and financially independent.