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Throwback Thursday


2007, the year i got my first credit card.

New Year Resolutions


Yes, it’s November 3, 2015. However there is no time to snooze on your resolutions according to this: article that discusses the importance of creating and starting New Year resolutions EIGHT weeks before January 1st. While this sounds absurd, it actually makes a lot of sense. Think about it, by the time NYE roles around your resolution will be a full-blown habit!! Rather than starting a habit with the masses, you get a head start. GENIUS! Therefore I presented to you my 2016 New Year Resolutions:


  1. Create: weekly budget – record and account for every expense
  2. Save: receipts – learn where my money goes
  3. Create: 2nd income source – etsy page (make money off of passion)
  4. Stop: mindless shopping – spend money that I have (not will have)
  5. Accept: credit card debt – stop being embarrassed


  1. Daily walk (at least 30 minutes)
  2. Ban social media after 9pm
  3. Pre-plan meals on Saturday (shop on Sunday)
  4. Do not eat out more than 2 times per week
  5. Blog at least once a week
  6. Plan girls trip – save for trip
  7. No alcohol: Monday – Thursday
  8. Implement meatless Monday’s
  9. Delete negative thoughts regarding money (debt does not equal worth)
  10. Journal daily: be grateful

What are your resolutions?

xx, A

HOW TO: Splitting the Check

dinner party

there’s nothing i love more than a nice dinner out with friends. that is, until the bill comes. and i realize that my ‘foodie’ friends “share” tactic is going to cost a fortune. sure if the food was divided evenly among friends then no worries, split 50/50. however, what happens if you weren’t that hungry and only had an app or if one of your friends got a little too cocktail happy?

solution: ‘cash rules everything around me.’ no seriously. don’t be embarrassed if everyone agrees on splitting and you are insistent on dropping cash. in the long run, you win. TGIF!

Someone Gets Me


this article from Thought Catalog: 15 Struggles Only People Who Suck At Budgeting Understand speaks to my soul! seriously, finally….someone gets me! also, love the life motto: “do this now. eat popcorn for dinner later.” brilliant. kudos to Ari Eastman for writing this piece. It’s always nice to see that you are not the only one pretending to be fake rich and picking up friends drinks/brunch tabs. the struggle is real.



does this relate to my credit card debt too?

True Life


i’m broke…but at least i have cute clothes, right?