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Dreams Do Come True


after extensive research i have finally found a reliable recipe converter!! gone are the days of cooking for an invisible family of 5. cheers to recipes for 1 (max 2)!

okay, i’ll stop geeking out. visit my kitchen calculator if you are sick of leftovers!


update on the major life decision of “do i really need this bag”

i opted against buying the bag! i haven’t felt this successful since i graduated college…SIX YEARS AGO! woohoo, adulting, ftw!

sidenote: i’m typing this while i eat a $13 salad…you win some, you lose some? debt diet? TGIF!

Transformation Tuesday

Debt Diet.jpg

it’s Fat Tuesday…splurge a little.

(i have an excuse to spend money…on anything and everything, sigh)

courtesy of betches