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Oblivious 101



Transformation Tuesday


remember, your ego is your worst enemy. it will tell you things like “you can’t get out of debt” “you will never buy a house” or “you are not worthy of wealth” AND guess what, that’s just not true.

so how does one over come the ego? when insecurities creep in take a deep breathe, realize your ego is talking, start saying to yourself “this is not a reality, this is an insecurity” and mentally list things that are actually true.

this can include things such as “yes, i’m in debt RIGHT now but i’m taking steps to get out of it.”

you ARE worth it and you WILL be able to get out of debt if and only if you conquer your insecurities.

xo, a.

What is Holding YOU Back?


personal list:

  • that little voice in the back of my head saying “you can’t reach financial success”
  • FOMO
  • impulse buys
  • saying yes to dinner out during the week because i’m lonely/bored/etc.

after a lot (and seriously, i mean a lot because my last real post was in july) of planning here is my game plan:

  • that little voice, squash it
    • carry a journal everywhere (how cute are mine pictured above from rifle paper). write down every purchase and create a log. include “how did it make me feel” feedback. writing down purchases holds me accountable and helps curb impulse buys
  • review expenses weekly (sunday) and cut out things that do not ignite my soul. this will also help end FOMO
  • before agreeing on something reflect and ask myself: “do i even want to do this?”
  • on sunday (let’s just dub this reflection day) create weekly goals. include food, workout and game plan for the week

will regroup next week to let you know how week 1 goes. wish me luck!

ps: i haven’t written on her since july because i’m partially ashamed that i’m not debt free yet. i have recently had an epiphany: a life with debt is not one to be embarrassed about. it’s a day to day journey and one day (soon) my net worth will be a positive number rather than a negative one. 

Make It Happen

Make it happen.JPG

oh em gee, it’s july. the half way mark in the year.

it’s also my birthday month. so normally i take this time to reflect and regroup.

as i look back on my new year resolutions i laugh. they were so ambitious and unrealistic. as i turn twenty.eight. (eek) the sense of urgency to “get my shit together” is mounting. because let’s get real, being broke and thirty is not a good look.

aside from being debt free, twenty.eight. is going to be the year i start my passion project, aka my etsy shop. the shop will center around something i learned to make from my grandmother: tote bags.

i am so proud of myself, last night i cut the fabric, and started my sewing machine. only to find out that the thread i bought was too fragile for my machine! usually i take setbacks as “signs” but not this time. i instantly went on amazon prime and bought thread. i’ll report back later this week on how the project is going.

in the meantime, what is your passion project? i’d love to hear some of your hopes/dreams so please share with me:

Missing In Action


in denial that i’ve had a shopaholic relapse.

Tax Break


our spending culture is getting out of control…ignore this subject line and pay off your credit card. #trustme

Dear Diary


Starting 01.01.16, I will be embarking on a rigorous debt diet plan which includes limiting EVERYTHING (eating out, alcohol intake, shopping). Six months to a debt free life is my goal. While the thought of not going shopping for six months terrifies me, I’ve realized it’s now or never. I’m turning TWENTY EIGHT in 2016. Which means I’m TWO years away from thirty. And let’s get real, it’s not a cute look to be thirty and broke.

The plan is to count EVERY penny I make and spend. Also, create a second source of income, which will be discussed in a later post. In order to make every penny count, it will be important to keep up a journal/diary/agenda. Every night, before going to bed, I will journal and fill out the following information:

date, inspirational quote, top three priorities for the next day, schedule, meals, to do list, exercise, ideas, concerns.

Then the next day before filling out the following days plan, I will reflect on the day and total up how much I spent. The goal is to spend $0 Monday through Thursday, i.e. days that are normally not considered “going out” days.

I’m currently working on a printout of the journal points and will share ASAP!

In the meantime, cheers to a safe, prosperous and debt free New Year!

xo, A