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Make It Happen

Make it happen.JPG

oh em gee, it’s july. the half way mark in the year.

it’s also my birthday month. so normally i take this time to reflect and regroup.

as i look back on my new year resolutions i laugh. they were so ambitious and unrealistic. as i turn twenty.eight. (eek) the sense of urgency to “get my shit together” is mounting. because let’s get real, being broke and thirty is not a good look.

aside from being debt free, twenty.eight. is going to be the year i start my passion project, aka my etsy shop. the shop will center around something i learned to make from my grandmother: tote bags.

i am so proud of myself, last night i cut the fabric, and started my sewing machine. only to find out that the thread i bought was too fragile for my machine! usually i take setbacks as “signs” but not this time. i instantly went on amazon prime and bought thread. i’ll report back later this week on how the project is going.

in the meantime, what is your passion project? i’d love to hear some of your hopes/dreams so please share with me:

Pump, Pump It Up?


Today’s topic: gym memberships.

According to Google, the average membership costs btw. $40-$50. Some thoughts on this: WHERE? Do these people live in cities? farms? middle of nowhere? Seriously, my gym membership costs ONE HUNDRED FIFTY DOLLARS. And that’s considered, in many major cities, to be on the LOWER end. You might be thinking: “That’s insane, why would you spend that much” ummm barre classes ain’t cheap. The fact is I CAN justify it if I take 4 classes a week. Think about it 1 class of barre = $25. So technically to get a good return on investment I need to go to 6 classes a month ($25*6=$150) But the fact is I push myself to go more often because I feel guilty about the price. ALSO I’m one of those people that if I don’t pay for a gym membership/take classes there is no way I’m working out (ie: running, ew).

For now, this is how I justify this “want” turning into a “need”

We will discuss my SoulCycle addiction next week…

Dear Diary


Starting 01.01.16, I will be embarking on a rigorous debt diet plan which includes limiting EVERYTHING (eating out, alcohol intake, shopping). Six months to a debt free life is my goal. While the thought of not going shopping for six months terrifies me, I’ve realized it’s now or never. I’m turning TWENTY EIGHT in 2016. Which means I’m TWO years away from thirty. And let’s get real, it’s not a cute look to be thirty and broke.

The plan is to count EVERY penny I make and spend. Also, create a second source of income, which will be discussed in a later post. In order to make every penny count, it will be important to keep up a journal/diary/agenda. Every night, before going to bed, I will journal and fill out the following information:

date, inspirational quote, top three priorities for the next day, schedule, meals, to do list, exercise, ideas, concerns.

Then the next day before filling out the following days plan, I will reflect on the day and total up how much I spent. The goal is to spend $0 Monday through Thursday, i.e. days that are normally not considered “going out” days.

I’m currently working on a printout of the journal points and will share ASAP!

In the meantime, cheers to a safe, prosperous and debt free New Year!

xo, A

Tis the Season…

…to go broke. Seriously, the holidays can get expensive ($$$). And since I’m on thrifty mode, I’ve decided that this year my nearest and dearest will receive personalized crafty gifts. The below is a cute, creative and CHEAP gift that anyone would love!

Painted Planter


Materials Needed (Total: $9.02)

  • Acrylic Paint (Americana – $1.39 – Michaels)
  • 6 inch Terra Cotta Clay Pot (Norcal Pottery – $1.32 – Home Depot)
  • Foam Brush (ArtMinds – $.99 – Michaels)
  • Succulents (Home Depot – $5.32 for one)

Craft Steps

  1. Make a design on your pot (tip: you can use tape to create clean lines)IMG_0140
  2. Choose your paint colors & use the foam brushes to paint your pot IMG_1041
  3. Take a break & let the paint dry
  4. Slowly peel the tape from your pot to reveal the designIMG_0145

True Life


i’m broke…but at least i have cute clothes, right?