Tis the Season…

…to go broke. Seriously, the holidays can get expensive ($$$). And since I’m on thrifty mode, I’ve decided that this year my nearest and dearest will receive personalized crafty gifts. The below is a cute, creative and CHEAP gift that anyone would love!

Painted Planter


Materials Needed (Total: $9.02)

  • Acrylic Paint (Americana – $1.39 – Michaels)
  • 6 inch Terra Cotta Clay Pot (Norcal Pottery – $1.32 – Home Depot)
  • Foam Brush (ArtMinds – $.99 – Michaels)
  • Succulents (Home Depot – $5.32 for one)

Craft Steps

  1. Make a design on your pot (tip: you can use tape to create clean lines)IMG_0140
  2. Choose your paint colors & use the foam brushes to paint your pot IMG_1041
  3. Take a break & let the paint dry
  4. Slowly peel the tape from your pot to reveal the designIMG_0145