Days of Our Lives

by TNB

Fear – a word, feeling, emotion that i am very acquainted with. for some reason, it’s the word that pops up in my head when i think of TNB and the path I see this journey taking. thoughts like: “you’re not smart enough” “you’re not even a finance major what makes you think you can give advice on the subject matter” “you suck at grammar, how will you even write cohesively” are repeated over and over and over again, on a constant loop of insecurity.

And yet here i am…drawn to a subject matter that tbh i think NEEDS to be discussed and addressed in a different way. because personal finance is scary. it terrifies me. i literally hold my breathe every time i log on to check my bank account…i can’t be alone, right? RIGHT?

In a society where we are programmed to “keep up with the jonses” who tbh were replaced by the kardashians, told constantly that we “missing out” if we don’t travel the world and are made to feel worthless if we don’t have the latest bag….i sometimes feel alone. a feeling only heightened but the “picture perfect” social media lives of others. i feel like i’m the only idiot that does’t understand the secret behind being able to live this lifestyle.

I haven’t done proper “market research” but i have a hunch i’m not alone. and if i am … and you keep reading this, then congrats, you’ll be in for a funny story of how a girl in her early thirties tried to get her finances together, learn how to invest and attempt to leave behind a life of fear…

This idea has been ten years in the making. that’s A LONG time…but sometimes it takes time to figure out that while life is short…it is also long. and in the long run tackling your fears head on is worth it.

x, a

days of our lives