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Month: February, 2016

Definition of a Sociopath

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Martin Shkreli

Pump, Pump It Up?


Today’s topic: gym memberships.

According to Google, the average membership costs btw. $40-$50. Some thoughts on this: WHERE? Do these people live in cities? farms? middle of nowhere? Seriously, my gym membership costs ONE HUNDRED FIFTY DOLLARS. And that’s considered, in many major cities, to be on the LOWER end. You might be thinking: “That’s insane, why would you spend that much” ummm barre classes ain’t cheap. The fact is I CAN justify it if I take 4 classes a week. Think about it 1 class of barre = $25. So technically to get a good return on investment I need to go to 6 classes a month ($25*6=$150) But the fact is I push myself to go more often because I feel guilty about the price. ALSO I’m one of those people that if I don’t pay for a gym membership/take classes there is no way I’m working out (ie: running, ew).

For now, this is how I justify this “want” turning into a “need”

We will discuss my SoulCycle addiction next week…

The Struggle Is Real

Uber Ride.JPG

you can either judge me for taking an uber less than a mile to work or realize i was sick and have pity on me. sigh.

Things Every Modern Woman Needs To Remember?

Just buy the ticket, then you have to go. – Quote from Thought Catalog Article

Great advice…NOT. There is so much rage for THIS article I just read. 50 pieces of advice and not ONE mentions the importance of a woman keeping a budget or staying out of debt. But by ALL means go ahead and get tattoos, drink lots of wine, fall in love with abandon, and walk around “like the boss that you are”…probably a broke boss if you’re buying random tickets that you can’t afford, but who cares, YOLO, RIGHT?!

**apologies for this rant, my sarcasm is on overdrive today**