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Month: December, 2015



Dear Diary


Starting 01.01.16, I will be embarking on a rigorous debt diet plan which includes limiting EVERYTHING (eating out, alcohol intake, shopping). Six months to a debt free life is my goal. While the thought of not going shopping for six months terrifies me, I’ve realized it’s now or never. I’m turning TWENTY EIGHT in 2016. Which means I’m TWO years away from thirty. And let’s get real, it’s not a cute look to be thirty and broke.

The plan is to count EVERY penny I make and spend. Also, create a second source of income, which will be discussed in a later post. In order to make every penny count, it will be important to keep up a journal/diary/agenda. Every night, before going to bed, I will journal and fill out the following information:

date, inspirational quote, top three priorities for the next day, schedule, meals, to do list, exercise, ideas, concerns.

Then the next day before filling out the following days plan, I will reflect on the day and total up how much I spent. The goal is to spend $0 Monday through Thursday, i.e. days that are normally not considered “going out” days.

I’m currently working on a printout of the journal points and will share ASAP!

In the meantime, cheers to a safe, prosperous and debt free New Year!

xo, A



suggested for ‘the friend who is impossible to buy for’ a $375 friend…must be some ‘friend’

instead of going broke this holiday season opt for a candle or initial mug from anthropologie…bonus, they are having 30% off candles, throws, mugs &more RIGHT NOW!


Rain Check


how are we holding up? is everyone surviving the holiday season? thus far my grand total spent for gifts is $400ish…not including the “treat yo self” gifts i bought myself. oops.