Need vs. Want

by TNB


gird your loins, black friday is less than 5 days away. the day universally known as the kickoff to the holiday shopping season. while many (humble individuals) spend the day shopping for loved ones, i tend to take this day to self evaluate my wardrobe. selfish? not really, i have trouble thinking of thoughtful gifts in crowds…so i leave all my family/friends shopping for cyber monday. (pro tip)

in years past (i.e.: before i vowed to be debt free by my thirties) this would mean how can i get my hands on that gucci purse i’ve been eyeing for the past 7 months. but this year i’m starting to get my priorities straight (yay!!) and realizing the difference between need and want.

below are things i’ve realized are a necessity and things that i’ve realized are just wants:

WANT: sequin anything, snakeskin booties, chrome pants, the whole fall 2015 anthro catalog, over 3 winter coats** especially if you live in miami (cough, cough), boots of any sort (miami), designer handbag(s) (you’re broke)

NEED: black flats, beige pumps, black pumps, white top, black cardigan, black skirt, navy pencil skirt, 2-3 more basic tops, black blazer, 2-3 dresses, blue jeans, white tank

YES the need list is basic, NO it won’t be easy rejecting that 75% off Alice + Olivia sequin floral jacket that has an extra 25% off at checkout but is still weirdly 200 dollars but HEY it’s Black Friday and you deserve this jacket even though you live in a climate that rarely sees anything under 60 degrees (THIS MIGHT BE A PERSONAL STORY!!). the reality is that in the long-term you will feel more guilty purchasing the item than the high of getting ‘such a good deal.’…which we all know is very short-lived.

Remember, you are in DEBT…you don’t have time for trends (YET!) so own the “classic” look and make it WORK.

PLUS girls like us don’t follow trends…we set them.