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Month: June, 2015

Don’t Tempt Me


time to delete the temptation – you’re welcome.


HOW TO: Splitting the Check

dinner party

there’s nothing i love more than a nice dinner out with friends. that is, until the bill comes. and i realize that my ‘foodie’ friends “share” tactic is going to cost a fortune. sure if the food was divided evenly among friends then no worries, split 50/50. however, what happens if you weren’t that hungry and only had an app or if one of your friends got a little too cocktail happy?

solution: ‘cash rules everything around me.’ no seriously. don’t be embarrassed if everyone agrees on splitting and you are insistent on dropping cash. in the long run, you win. TGIF!

Bucket List



chanel – small denim chevron quilting boy flap bag. 

Book Club


currently reading: BOLD, How to Go Big, Make Bank, and Better the World. 

let’s get real, the main draw was the ‘make bank’ reference. 

Someone Gets Me


this article from Thought Catalog: 15 Struggles Only People Who Suck At Budgeting Understand speaks to my soul! seriously, finally….someone gets me! also, love the life motto: “do this now. eat popcorn for dinner later.” brilliant. kudos to Ari Eastman for writing this piece. It’s always nice to see that you are not the only one pretending to be fake rich and picking up friends drinks/brunch tabs. the struggle is real.



Weekend Vibes

largei have two birthday dinners to attend this weekend. good bye paycheck. le sigh.