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Month: March, 2014

Bad Advice


am i supposed to charge this?


The Plan





today i went to return a top and left with a new top and romper. #UGH #whatswrongwithme



non-negotiables: things that you seriously need to pay for or buy…bc if not you are screwed.

this is a list of mine:

1. rent

2. utilities (air/light & internet)

3. car/insurance/transportation

4. food (does not include restaurants)

5. credit card bill (at least $10 above the minimum balance)

NOTE: these are the things I prioritize. I highly suggest you prioritize these things as well. because if not you might get evicted, have the power shut off, and/or get bad credit (no bueno).




she gets it.



who knew that pinning budget advice and practicing budget advice weren’t the same thing?!

64 days ago I posted about “getting serious”…bah. what a joke. but then again what do you expect from a girl who started 2014 with $2.95 in her bank account**

the fact is that i’m an addict. i love spending money. cash comes in and i’ve already mentally spent it. it’s a vicious cycle of living paycheck to paycheck. i mean that’s how most people live their 20’s…right?

wrong. in order to ever be financially independent i’m going to have to break this cycle. and the sooner the better.

which brings me to the most important question of all…are you in for the ride?

xxxo, a.

**apparently someone had an amazing new years vacation in some spa in arizona with MY debit card…argh.**